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  • EMD Lichrocart Aluspher Cartridges

    LiChroCART® Aluspher® HPLC Cartridges, EMD Millipore

    Well suited for reversed phase chromatography of basic compounds. EMD LichroCart Aluspher
    Cartridges are packed with spherical alumina sorbent particles, or spherical alumina sorbent
    particles coated with polybutadiene (PBD). This PBD coated Aluspher® is named RP-Select B
    because it mimics the reversed bonded silica phases. RP-Select B is an alkali-stable reversed
    phase stationary phase designed for the separation of neutral, basic, and acidic compounds when
    using basic eluents. Due to its stability in the pH range of 2–12, RP-Select B can be used with basic
    eluents like NaOH.
  • EMD Hibar LiChrosorb LiChrospher...
    Hibar® LiChrosorb® and LiChrospher® Columns, by EMD Millipore
    For analytical HPLC. LiChrosorb® columns are available with 5µm or 10µm irregular media. LiChrospher®
    columns are available with 5µm or 10µm spherical media. Stainless steel columns are complete with fittings
    at both ends and shipped with an individual test chromatogram. May be connected to any HPLC instrument
    using standard 1.6mm (1/16") capillary male connections. To prolong the life of analytical columns, use with
    suitable precolumns. 
    RP-18 is reversed phase C18 (with an octadecylsilyl chain). RP-8 is reversed phase C8 (with an octylsilyl chain).
  • EMD LiChroCART ChiraDex ChiraSpher
    LiChroCART® ChiraDex® and ChiraSpher® NT Cartridges, by EMD Millipore
    EMD Millipore ChiraDex® columns are versatile HPLC columns characterized by broad enantioselectivity that can
    be used for the separation of enantiomers of numerous different classes of substances. ChiraDex® material is based
    on beta-cyclodextrin covalently linked to spherical particles of silica and is well suited for the chiral separation of
    hydrocarbons, steroids, phenol esters and derivatives, aromatic amines, and heterocycles with a five- or seven-membered ring.

    EMD Millipore ChiraSpher® NT columns provide improved enantioselectivity, especially for pharmaceuticals. ChiraSpher®
    NT columns are versatile chiral HPLC columns of high chemical stability and broad enantioselectivity. The ChiraSpher® NT
    material is based on silica and gel particles, coated with the optically active polymer poly (n-acryloyl-S-phenylalanine ethyl
    ester). ChiraSpher® NT material is characterized by improved enantioselectivity with very good selectivity for the separation
    of beta-blockers. These columns may be used with eluents of normal phase chromatography as well as reversed phase chromatography.