Lab Plasticware



Lab Plasticware
Sterile plastic vials, sterile plastic storage bottles,
sterile plastic liquid dispensers

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  • Cornwall Syringe
    BD Cornwall™ fluid dispensing syringe. Conveniently dispense fluid. The BD Cornwall™ disposablesyringe is designed for fluid transfer.
  • Plastic Sterile...
    500ml and 1000ml sterile plastic storage bottles
  • Plastic Liquid Dispensers
    Plastic Pipet Pumps - Plastic Cornwall Syringe Dispensers
  • Plastic Graduated...
    High quality, accurate plastic graduated cylinders.
    Safer than glass for your laboratory!
  • Plastic Vial Racks
  • Trumpet Droppers
    Trumpet droppers for serum vials.
    Provides a tight seal on 20mm crimp finish vials; allows single drops of liquids to be dispensed.